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I would gladly buy a westernhard drive again.

I bought this product because I have used it in the past with very good results. It's very easy to use and has never given me any problems. I will be glad to recommend it for anyone that is looking for one. I bought this to replace the one that was in my computer because the one that was in it was slow, and I want more speed, storage space. If I should need of another hard drive I will buy this same type.Read full review...


Finally, a New hard drive without someone's personal data still left on it!

Being a user of older computers, I need older equipment to upgrade the speed and capacities of my computers to squeeze the very last bit of usefulness out of them. I have purchased a number of "new" hard drives from vendors here on eBay and although they were perfectly functional, they all still contained someone's installed programs & personal data! Even the so-called "erased" units. I wonder how many identities have been stolen off of resold "new" hard drives...Read full review...


A product to far

Currently I have a dispute going, My hard drive on my computer died on me so I purchased one on Ebay (#9sp49314wp1740927)w/free shipping, only to find out it came from Israel. It took 16 days to get to me and when it did,it was non-operational, it was shipped in a single card board box with bubble pack which slapped around inside the box???. I contacted seller and told him I did not want a replacement (distance/time) he told me to send it back and he would inspect it and he would refund my purchase plus $11.98 that it cost to ship it back to Israel. I had to use a friends computer/public computer in the mean time.I feel that this purchase is going up going bad, I got to wait 15 days for the out come, eating up the 45 day time limit that ebay has on purchases.That is not fair..Read full review...


Quality Reliable Drive with High Data Transfer Capability

This version (AAJB) from Western Digital produces a high and stable data transfer rate when compared to similar drives from other manufacturers in this size range from the same time period of production. I have worked with WD (and other manufactures) drives for many years and have bench tested this drive against similar drives and am thoroughly impressed with its performance. If you have an old PC or Mac that needs a 160GB EIDE drive, this is the one you want!Read full review...


The Ultime Hard Drive when compared with its PRICE.

The Western Digital Caviar Blue 160 GB,Internal,7200 RPM,3.5" (WD1600AAJB) Hard Drive is the standard now. If you have something less then this YOU ARE SERIOUSLY OLD AND SLOww. This is the best for performence and durability WHEN compare with its price. In this digital everything life less than 160GB IS UNACCEPTABLE. 160gb is the vare minimum.Read full review...


Western Digital 160GB Caviar Blue EIDE Hard

This is probably the last of the quickly disappearing PATA IDE variety of hard drive.

This drive runs cool, quiet and top notch for its IDE connection.

The Western Digital Caviar line represent the cream of the crop and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Single platter efficiency, five-year protection, and nicely priced; how can you go wrong?
Read full review...


Works GREAT!!

I setup the drive, then installed Windows XP and downloaded all needed updates. It runs smooth!!! I purchased this hard drive to replace the original WD 30gb drive. Hoping to get some additional user life out of the computer because I'm going to give it to someone that's never had a computer.Read full review...


Excellent product and recommend to all buyers

It is a high quality product is safe to handle with high performance over long periods of work reliably recommend using this type of product leonpachon5!


Used the WD1600AAJB to update on old HP 7970 P4 machine. Drive works great and is much faster then the original. You can't beat the price.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: ibm-parts


Good price for a good product ,( i just hope its ok.when needed)

hello; it arrived safe, prompt,& sound , matter of fact i made a mistake & never used it & was looking for a 2.5 drive. i will just keep it for a spare, as its a high ratted drive & should be fine. but thanks for asking, Steve Baab.P.S. I just hope its OK. when i need it.Read full review...

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