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Silent Hill HD Collection - PlayStation 3 VG
Aug 01, 2018
Silent Hill 2 and 3 HD. Remastered
This Silent Hill collection to me is one of the best horror game collection out there.Not only does it provide all the scares you need in a horror game,but the music is so eerie and haunting from beginning to end.Love both the original versions on ps2,but even better now with them both together in one collection.Brings you back to when true horror games existed without an overload of blood.Having a horror game with puzzle solving and jump scares,to me nothing can beat these two games.Best played with the lights off.For more fun.The other thing I love is they stick to true Silent Hill feeling,but have very good stories and so lovable characters. Be the heroine or villain,all are just fantastic! So,enjoy and hope you liked my review of Silent HD collection for PS3!
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BRAND NEW Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (Sony PlayStation 3, 2016) PS3 FACTORY SEALED
Jul 06, 2016
Odin sphere .PlayStation 3
This game has so many fun aspects to it. Gorgeous graphics and also great replay characters makes it such a pleasure to play.each character adds something fun to the game. Fun for most age gropes. Love it!!!just plain fun!!
Aug 05, 2014
great product.awesome it!! A great game for any horror fan.wonderful characters and graphics! !
i bought this product because the game is so interesting. its a rare game that holds up to the standard of new games out there now.