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Good buyer, prompt payment, valued customer, highly recommended.
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Excellent customer. Prompt payment. A pleasure to do business with. Mahalo!
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STAR TREK: Strange New Worlds Season One (DVD, 2022) NEW!! w/SLIPCOVER
Apr 30, 2023
Gene Roddenberry's original vision reborn - like the best episodes of the original Star Trek
This is the Star Trek that I always liked. Gene Roddenberry hopful vision with complete stories like the 1st 2 seasons & some of the last episodes of the 3rd season of the original Star Trek plus several of the movies especially The wrath of Khan & Iv - The Voyage home + some of the early seasons of The Next Generation (but not the idiotic ones with Q plus the recent movies. Good casting, too-- liked Mount on Hell on Wheels & Rebecca Romijn on the Librarians. The rest of the. cast is good, too. Tried Discovery -- but its endless plots & arrogant characters & general darkness made it a waste of my time. And Deep Space 9 had awful writing so gave up after awhile -- they let teh Ferenge that tried to rob & endanger them constantly run loose + the Q episode wherin a shuttle was in trouble so they unload its contents & the station suddenly has the same problems But it takes them the whole episode to figure out that they had unloaded the problem from that shuttle!!! The is Gene R's vision (from the Jeffrey Hunter original pilot -- with better special effects, etc.) & what I want to see more of.