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Paying for items

How you pay for an item on eBay will depend on the payment methods that your seller accepts. In most categories, sellers have to accept PayPal or credit cards, but they may choose to offer other options as well.

Once you've found the item you want and have either won the auction or used Buy It Now, you'll need to pay the seller. You need to pay for purchases within 2 days, but the sooner the seller receives your payment, the sooner they'll ship your item.

You can pay for your items from a few places:

  • If you added items to your shopping cart, you'll see a Proceed to checkout button
  • If you've selected Buy It Now, you'll usually be taken directly to checkout
  • If you won an auction, you can use the Pay Now button in the email we sent to you or in the message we sent to your Messages
  • If the seller has sent you an invoice – for example, because you asked them to combine shipping for multiple items – use the Pay Now button in the email or in the message sent to your Messages

If you have any items that you still need to pay for, you can find them in your Purchase History.

  1. How to pay for items
  2. Ways to pay
  3. Troubleshooting payment problems
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How to pay for items

Using eBay Checkout

Once you're ready to pay for your purchase, you can do so from the checkout screen. At checkout you can choose the payment method you want to use, make sure your delivery details are up to date, send the seller a message, and use any gift cards, coupons, or discount vouchers you may have.

Cancel an order

If you've purchased an item, but need to cancel your order, you may be able to. You'll need to contact the seller and see if they'll agree to cancelling.

Ways to pay

Paying with PayPal

PayPal is how most users pay for purchases on eBay. Find out how to link your eBay and PayPal accounts for a streamlined checkout experience and what to do if you need help with a PayPal payment.

Paying with a credit card

Credit card is an easy way to purchase items on eBay and is an option for most eBay purchases. Learn how to pay for items with a credit card and how to add or update the cards saved to your account.

eBay gift cards

If you have an eBay gift card, you can use it to pay for any purchase where the seller accepts PayPal. Gift cards are redeemed at checkout and can be used to pay for most items. This article explains how to use a gift card, how to check the balance, and the rules around using gift cards. You can also find out how to purchase a gift card.

Coupons and discounts

From time to time, eBay runs promotions where we send out coupons or provide discounts on products. Find out how to receive these promotions and how to use them to grab a bargain.

eBay Bucks

eBay Bucks is a rewards program that rewards you for buying on eBay. eBay Bucks is free to join, and you can earn up to $500 every three-month earning period to spend on future eBay purchases. Learn how to sign up and start earning, and how to spend your Bucks once you have them.

Troubleshooting payment problems

Appealing an unpaid item

Once you've bought an item, it's important to pay as quickly as possible – you'll need to pay within 2 days of winning the auction or buying the item. If you don't pay within that time, the seller may open an unpaid item case against you. If a seller opens an unpaid item case against you, find out when and how you can appeal it.

Contact the seller

There are different ways to contact a seller, depending on whether or not you've bought an item from them. However, most sellers are happy to respond to questions about items, even if you haven't bought from them yet. If you've had an issue with an order, talking with the seller is usually the best way to resolve it.

Other terms

Checks, money orders, and bank wire transfers aren't allowed for most eBay purchases. However, you can use these payment methods to buy vehicles, capital and business equipment, real estate, and items you pick up in person. For more details, see our Accepted payments policy.

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