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As an eBay member, you'll want to stay informed about the latest eBay site news, events and programs. Here are a few places you can check to keep up-to-date.

Situation Where to find out

You are having problem with the site, and want to see if it is an eBay site problem. Examples would include getting error messages when creating a listing or paying for an item through eBay checkout.

Sometimes we do have technical difficulties. You can check to see a list of site issues and the status by going to the System Announcements Board.

You want to find out about new features and programs.

You want to check to see what the latest changes in eBay rules are, including Feedback.

You have searched the Help pages, but cannot find information on a feature. We at eBay are not only adding new features, but also retiring features to make the site more efficient.

Examples of retired features and programs include:

  • Bid Assistant

  • eBay Express

General Announcement Board: This is the place to get the latest official eBay updates about site changes, promotions, new features, retired features, and other news.

You want to see what other members are saying about a particular issue.

eBay’s Discussion Boards are some of the best places to learn useful eBay tips and to discuss everything from art to clothing to bidding to seller tools.

Learn more about Discussion Boards and Chat Rooms.

You want to see a schedule of eBay events on

Consult the Community Calendar: Find out about the eBay events happening online such as Town Halls and Online Workshops, and offline events such eBay University and tradeshows.

If you’d like to receive an email to update you on the daily news.

You can subscribe to eBay’s RSS feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an xml format eBay uses to aggregate and share eBay’s announcement board updates.

You enjoy reading stories and articles about what eBay staff and members are doing on

Check out The Chatter Newsletter: This is eBay’s monthly publication where you can find interviews with staff and members, commentary about issues happening in the eBay marketplace, and many other kinds of personal communication.

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