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Managing your items with eBay Toolbar

The eBay Toolbar Featuring Yahoo! lets you monitor items even when you're not on eBay. You can receive alerts and view your buying and selling status from your desktop.

Download the eBay Toolbar now.

Receiving desktop alerts

You can receive alerts for both buying and selling:

  • Buying alerts include:iItems you’re watching, items you’ve been outbid on, items you’ve won, items you didn’t win, Second Chance Offers, and Best Offers.

  • Selling alerts include: items that sold, items that didn’t sell, Best Offers you’ve received, and questions you’ve received.

To change your desktop alerts:
  1. On the eBay Toolbar, click the Customize button.

  2. Click the Alerts and Sign-in tab.

  3. Make your selections, and click the OK button.

Viewing your buying and selling status

Click the Buying button to see the status of items you’re winning, watching, and bidding on. You can also customize your eBay Toolbar to display the Items Won button, which lets you view items you’ve won in the last seven days. Click the Selling button to see what’s going on with your sold and unsold items.

Changing how the eBay Toolbar is displayed

To show or hide the eBay Toolbar:
  1. In Internet Explorer, click the View menu, then select Toolbars.

  2. Select eBay Toolbar to show it, or if it is already checked, select eBay Toolbar to hide it.

To change which buttons are displayed:
  1. On the eBay Toolbar, click the Customize button.

  2. Click the Customize tab.

  3. Choose the buttons you want to display on the eBay Toolbar.

Download the eBay Toolbar.

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