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Calculated shipping

If you select calculated shipping when you list your item, shipping costs are automatically calculated for your buyer based on the buyer's Postal Code, the weight, and the dimensions that you enter for the package.

If you want to research shipping costs before you list your item, try our Shipping Calculator.

Step 1: Select calculated shipping in the listing form.

Select Calculated: cost varies by buyer location from the Domestic shipping drop-down menu.

Step 2: Enter information about your package:

  • Package type. Select a package type that matches exactly what you're using. Learn more about package types. For each package type there are different shipping services available from the US Postal Service (USPS) and UPS.

  • Dimensions. Enter the dimensions (length, width, and height) of the package that you're shipping. To ensure the most accurate cost, measure your package carefully and provide exact dimensions of the packaged item.

  • Irregular package. If you are shipping an irregularly-shaped package, or a package containing liquid, select the Irregular package check box. Learn more about irregular package sizes.

  • Weight of the package. Select the total weight of the item, box, and any packing materials. To enter the weight in pounds and ounces, select Custom weight. To ensure the most accurate cost, weigh your package carefully and provide an exact weight of the packaged item.

    Tip: Make sure you enter very accurate weight and dimensions for the package you're sending. If you guess, you could end up under- or over-charging your buyer for shipping.
  •  Shipping services. Select from a list of services from Canada Post shipping services. You can offer up to 4 shipping services for the item. To see how different shipping services calculate shipping cost, see:

  • Handling time and cost. Sellers are required to let buyers know the number of days it typically takes to ship an item after receiving cleared payment. To add a handling cost to your shipping costs, enter an amount in the Handling cost box. This amount isn't displayed to buyers.

  • International shipping service. You can offer to ship your item to up to 5 international locations and specify a shipping service for each location.

    Tip: Make sure the shipping service you choose in your listing corresponds to the shipping service you actually ship your items with. For example, if you state in your listing that you are shipping using Standard International Shipping but actually ship with Canada Post Tracked Packet, you may be discouraging buyers from your items by showing longer estimated shipping times.
  • Item location. Enter the country, Postal code, city, and state that you'll ship the item from.

Step 3: Shipping costs are automatically calculated for the buyer

When you use calculated shipping, buyers looking at your listing can choose to see all the shipping services you offer by clicking the See more services link in the Shipping section. When they do, a table of shipping costs will appear based on the buyer's location. Only the shipping services you offer will be shown. Any handling costs are included in the shipping cost—they aren't shown to buyers.

Step 4:  Buyer purchases the item

When the buyer pays for the item, shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the buyer's Postal code. If you've specified multiple shipping services, the buyer can select from the list of shipping services you offer. 

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