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Protecting your account

The safety of our members is one of our top priorities, so we take a number of steps to help ensure the security of your account. There are also several things you can do to prevent your account from being hacked or taken over.

To keep your eBay account secure, we recommend:

  • Changing your password regularly
  • Frequently checking that your contact information is correct
  • Watching out for the signs of spoof emails, which are intended to access members' passwords and other sensitive information

If you suspect your account has been taken over, contact us immediately. If your account has been compromised, we'll work with you to secure it. Read our guides below for more information.

For your protection, we may place a temporary hold on your account until we can safely return control of it to you. We can also help you remove unauthorized fraudulent bids or listings.

It's a good idea to check My eBay and your preferences occasionally to make sure no one has used your account or made any unauthorized changes. If you see anything has changed without your authorization, contact us.

Securing your account

Learn how to secure your eBay account and report account theft.

Recognizing spoof emails

Learn how to recognize and report spoof emails and websites.

To keep your account secure, we recommend changing your password regularly, keeping your contact information up-to-date, and watching for signs of spoof emails.

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