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About the User Agreement

The User Agreement helps to ensure that eBay remains a safe place to buy and sell. Changes to the User Agreement are posted on the site 30 days before taking effect. You can also receive email notices of any revisions.

Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions.

What does "eBay is only a venue" mean?

eBay is very concerned about security and offers the services of partners that can provide insurance and escrow for your transactions. However, eBay does not ultimately participate in the transaction between a buyer and seller, verify that items are genuine, or guarantee that you'll receive payment, auction items or Buy It Now items.

Why can't I bid on my own item?

Bidding on your own item is called a shill bid. It's an artificial and unfair method for raising the price, and therefore not permitted on eBay.

If I place a bid, how am I obligated to the seller?

If you place a bid at or above the minimum bid amount (or at or above the reserve price in a reserve price auction), and your bid is the high bid at the end of the auction, you're obligated to complete the purchase with the seller, unless you've bid on an item covered by eBay's Non-Binding Bid Policy, such as real estate.

Why was one listing removed, while other similar items remain on the site?

If a listing is removed by eBay, it's probably because the item was prohibited, questionable, infringing or potentially illegal as stated in the User Agreement and a specific complaint was reported. Listed items similar to the ones removed will remain on the site unless eBay is notified about them.

How do I know if an item is allowed or not?

eBay provides a list of prohibited, questionable, infringing and potentially illegal items that may not be listed on eBay. This is not a complete list and is only intended to provide representative examples. If you're not sure whether an item you'd like to sell is legal or not, check with an attorney or local agency that may know the specific laws regarding your item.

What happens if someone violates the User Agreement?

The User Agreement, in Section 9, allows eBay to warn or suspend a user if they violate part of the User Agreement. Fraudulent and illegal items are strictly prohibited on eBay. Any seller who attempts to sell prohibited items or commit fraud will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

What if I find a potentially illegal, infringing or fraudulent item on eBay?

You can report listing violations or problems with another eBay user.

What does Section 6.3 of the User Agreement regarding Your Information mean?

This clause simply allows eBay to host your information on eBay's web site. Because hosting involves copying, eBay needs your permission to store such material on our servers. As stated in the Privacy Policy, eBay does not sell or rent any personally identifiable information about you to any other company.

Does Section 7 prohibit me from using auction management software to track my personal transactions on eBay?

Generally, eBay permits use of the following types of software: bulk upload/listing software, automatic bidding software, and auction management software that enables users to keep track of their own personal bidding and selling information at eBay.

Does Section 7 prohibit me from linking to eBay from other web sites?

No. Section 7 is only designed to prohibit users from copying listing descriptions and images without permission.

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