Canada Post Expedited Lite

Ship small. Save Big.

Shipping small, lightweight items like trading cards, discs, jewelry, or comic books with a tracked service can be cost-prohibitive. But shipping with an untracked service can negatively impact the experience for both buyers and sellers. That’s why we have partnered with Canada Post to offer a domestic tracked service for lightweight items, with all the great features of the Expedited Parcel™, service at significantly lower prices.

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Reduced rates for tracked shipping, only on eBay

Shipping lightweight items like trading cards and jewelry with a tracked service across Canada has never been cheaper. Print your shipping labels on eBay and save on the cost of tracked shipping. The tracking number will be automatically added to your orders on eBay.

Toronto to Toronto


Toronto to Montreal


Toronto to Halifax


These are starting base rates. Fuel surcharges and taxes may apply.

Make buyers happy. Protect yourself against claims.

Expedited Lite is available for any domestic packages under 200 grams that meet dimensional criteria. This service offers both tracking and liability coverage of up to $100 on your shipments. Your buyers can keep track of their shipments, and you don't have to worry about being responsible for item-not-received claims. 

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Package specifications

Expedited Lite is available for any domestic sales that meet the following criteria: 

  • Weighs no more than 200 grams

  • No one dimension exceeds 41 cm (16.1”)

  • Maximum volume (L x W x H) of up to 3,220 cubic centimetres

eBay shipping solutions

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eBay shipping supplies

Offer your buyers an enhanced experience with branded envelopes designed specifically to be used for shipping items like trading cards with the Canada Post Expedited Lite for Collectibles service. 

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The power of eBay Labels

Our on-platform shipping service, eBay Labels, is a seamless experience that enables you to purchase labels in a few easy steps while enjoying highly discounted shipping rates.

eBay’s Shipping Calculator is at your service

Use this tool to calculate shipping costs for this new service across the country. You can also compare retail vs. eBay-negotiated rates from our shipping partners. 

The Shipping Calculator can assist you in determining your average shipping costs if you offer free shipping or flat shipping to your buyers.

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There are no category restrictions. Expedited Lite is available for any items that meet the weight limit and dimensional criteria. 

Labels for qualifying items can be purchased on eBay Labels. Learn more about eBay Labels.

No. This is a domestic-only service.

However, eBay Canada is also pleased to offer special rates for lightweight items using Canada Post's Tracked Packet - USA service. 

This service is intended for lightweight items such as trading cards, jewelry, or discs, which weigh less than 200 grams in their packaging.

If your package exceeds this limit, you will be charged the regular Canada Post Expedited ParcelTM rates, which can be significantly higher. To avoid additional charges, ensure your package weight and dimensions are compliant with the specifications outlined.

No, the shipping label you print looks no different from the regular Canada Post Expedited ParcelTM label. You are not required to advertise that the item is a collectible on the packaging. You can use the same bubble mailers, envelopes, or parcels as before - so long as they meet the weight and dimensional criteria. 

Yes, this service is available in the shipping dropdown menu in the listing tool and in business policies. 

Yes. You can select this service as calculated and rely on eBay to charge your buyers the actual cost of shipping. Be sure to provide correct weight and dimensions of the package in the listing tools and on eBay Labels to avoid potential adjustment charges. 

The transit times for this service range from one to eight business days. Local shipments should be around two days; Regional around three to four; and National up to eight business days.

No, this is a unique service offering special, deeper discounts for small packages. All other Canada Post shipping purchased through eBay Labels receives the equivalent of Level 4 Small Business discounts. 

For Canada Post, usually you should see the charge to your account within 2-3 business days. Shipping label charges can be paid from your available funds or your on-file payment method if your available funds are insufficient. 

As long as the actual package dimensions are within the specifications outlined, cubing charges do not apply. 

The fuel surcharge is determined weekly by Canada Post based on the average price of diesel. Learn more about fuel surcharge calculations.

Tax is calculated based on applicable GST/HST tax rates of the destination province or territory. For example, a shipment with a destination address in Alberta is subject to a 5% GST; and a shipment with a destination address in Ontario is subject to a 13% HST. See more details about how Canada Post applies taxes to shipping labels.

No, this is a service only offered directly on eBay.

No. The only way to purchase applicable labels is directly on eBay Labels.