eBay Labels

eBay Labels can save you time and money

eBay Labels is a new on-platform label printing solution that helps you easily manage your shipping label needs on eBay without having to create individual accounts with shipping couriers. Printing shipping labels on eBay is as easy as a few simple steps.

Save time and money with eBay Labels

The benefits of eBay Labels

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Address information and shipment details are automatically pre-populated when you print labels on eBay. Additionally, the tracking number is automatically added to your eBay orders once you have printed your labels.

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Save time on generating shipping labels for multiple orders by printing labels in bulk. Just select all your orders in My eBay or Seller Hub, and click “Print shipping label”.

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Print your shipping labels in the comfort of your home and save on your shipping costs compared to the retail rates you’d pay at a post office.

Choose your preferred carrier

On eBay Label, you have more than one shipping option. Compare rates from Canada Post and FedEx® and easily find the shipping services that best meet your needs.

Learn more about carriers on eBay Labels.

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Using eBay Labels. It’s easy.

After you sell an item, go to the “Sold” section in My eBay. If you use Seller Hub, go to “Awaiting shipment” under the Orders tab.

  • Enter the shipment’s weight and dimensions
  • Select a carrier and shipping method
  • Click “Purchase and print label”
  • Place the label on your package and ship

For more details, click here.

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Features designed for business sellers

Combine labels–save money

For multiple orders to the same buyer, you can use the Combine feature to add all items into the same package instead of buying multiple labels individually. eBay Labels will automatically update the weight for the label; you just have to adjust the dimensions based on your combined package size.

Multi-user account access

Delegate the fulfillment of your sold items to your employees. As a delegator, you can now enable the new “Print shipping label” permission for your delegates. This option is available on the Permissions page under your Account settings.

Address validation

To help reduce the risk of an incorrect buyer address, eBay Labels automatically validates the buyer address, and provides recommendations. You can choose to accept the recommendation or continue with the original address provided by the buyer

Multiple labels sizes

As part of the label printing preferences on eBay Labels, you can choose the label size that best fits your needs. You can either print a 4”x6” or a 8”x11”. You can also preview the label size.   

International shipping made simple

No need to worry about filling out customs forms for your US or international sales. It is automatically included in your shipping label.

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Know your shipping costs

Use the Shipping Calculator tool to determine your best shipping options and set your prices to maximize profits. You can see both eBay-negotiated rates (referred to as “online rates”) from our shipping partners, as well as the retail rates you’d be paying if you directly purchase labels at a post office.

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Currently, you can print labels for Canada Post and FedEx on eBay. More carriers will be available in the future.

No. eBay Labels provides a simple and easy way for you to print your shipping labels at a discount. It automatically pre-fills all the order details and address information; and uploads the tracking number to your eBay order. You are not required to use eBay Labels. If you choose to print your labels using another solution or purchase labels at carrier location, make sure to return to eBay and add the tracking numbers to your eBay orders so your buyers can keep track of their shipments.

eBay Labels is free to use. There are no service fees for printing labels on eBay. The only thing you’d have to pay for is the cost of a label.

No. You are not able to use your own individual carrier accounts on eBay Labels.

Yes. Shippo remains eBay Canada’s official third-party shipping label solution. You have the option to continue using Shippo or use eBay Labels. You can access Shippo by clicking “Go to Shippo” at the top right corner of the page on eBay Labels; or access the Shippo website directly.

The following services are available:

Service type
Canada Post
Domestic Services
  • Canada Post Expedited Parcel
  • Canada Post Regular Parcel
  • Canada Post Xpresspost
  • Canada Post Priority
  • FedEx Ground®
  • FedEx Priority Overnight®
  • FedEx Standard Overnight™
  • FedEx 2Day®
  • FedEx Economy®
United States

Canada Post Small Packets

Canada Post Tracked Packet

Canada Post Expedited Parcel

Canada Post Xpresspost

  • FedEx International Ground™
  • FedEx®International Economy
  • FedEx International Priority®


Canada Post Small Packets

Canada Post Tracked Packet 

Canada Post International Parcel - Air

Canada Post International Parcel - Surface

Canada Post Xpresspost - International

Canada Post Priority Worldwide

  • FedEx®International Economy
  • FedEx International Priority®

Learn more about eBay shipping partners and their benefits.

If the carrier of your choice is currently not available on eBay Labels, you can use Shippo or other label platforms.

Yes. You have the option to print labels individually or in bulk. To print labels in bulk, go to the “Sold” page under “Selling” section of My eBay. Select all orders for which you want to print labels, then under Action, select “Print shipping labels”. If you use Seller Hub, click on “Awaiting Shipment” under “Sold” section, then select all orders for which you want to print in bulk, then click the “Shipping Action” button and choose “Print shipping labels”.

You can use your funds to purchase shipping labels for the items you sell. If your funds aren’t sufficient to cover the full cost of a shipping label, eBay will charge the remaining balance to your on-file payment method, such as a credit card or linked bank account. To purchase labels with these funds, choose your funds under the Select how to pay section in the eBay Labels prompt. More information about purchasing and using shipping labels is available in the Help Hub.

Yes. You can reprint your label for free.

Yes. You have up to 14 days from the time you printed a label to void it and get a refund. The cost of the label will be reflected on your monthly invoice. To void a label:

  • Go to My eBay and click “Shipping Labels” under Sell.
  • In the Actions column click “Void label”.
  • Follow the instructions on the “Void your shipping label” page.

The cost of a label is determined based on the origin and the destination as well as the weight and dimensions of your package. If the package is underestimated either by weight or dimensions, the cost of the label will be adjusted after the package is inducted by a carrier. You will see this adjustment on your eBay invoice.

The estimated cost provided at the time of label purchase is based on the provided package details - (weight and dimensions) as well as shipping details (origin and destination addresses). Once accepted by the carrier, the dimensions and weight are evaluated for accuracy and any differences will be communicated back to us. In  addition, shipping rates may be subject to fuel surcharges which could fluctuate daily. As such, the amount displayed in your payment history is the actual amount charged by the carrier based on the exact package details and any applicable surcharges.

Yes. You can print labels on desktop, in a mobile browser, or on the eBay mobile app. Make sure you have the latest version of the eBay app on your mobile device.

Under “Additional Options”, you can purchase additional liability coverage for your label for up to the value of the item. The liability coverage option is a “service-specific” add-on. It is available for purchase only when the selected shipping service provides no liability coverage or less than the total item value. The maximum amount is $5,000 for domestic services and $1,000 for US and International services. For example, Canada Post Expedited Parcel offers liability coverage of up to $100. If your item was sold for less than $100, then you’d not be able to purchase additional insurance. If your item is above $100, then you’d be able to purchase additional liability coverage up to the price of your sold item.

Yes. If you’re on My eBay, click on “Shipping labels” under the Selling Tab. Then click on the Actions dropdown and select “Print another label”. If you’re using Seller Hub, go to “Paid and shipped” under the Orders tab. Find your item, and click the downward arrow under Actions, and click “Print shipping label”.

No. eBay Labels is the new default label printing solution on eBay.

You can cancel a label about an hour after it was generated. This hour-long window is to ensure there is enough time for the label generation to be processed fully, so that when you submit your cancellation request the label can be found and voided. Note that this action cannot be undone--once cancelled, you’d need to print a new shipping label.

Once a label is successfully cancelled, it typically takes up to 14 days for the refund to be credited back into your account.

No. Currently, this feature is not available on eBay Labels. For now, you can only print outbound labels for your sales.

You can update your ship-from address by going to your Account Settings, and then clicking on Addresses. On this page, find “Ship from address” and click Edit. Note that to print a label on eBay.ca, your ship-from address must be in Canada.