Shippo shipping labels

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Shippo shipping labels

Shippo is eBay Canada’s official third-party label printing solution. This service is available to compliment eBay Labels, which is the on-platform label solution offering a convenient way to manage your label needs without the need to create individual accounts with shipping couriers. Shippo is best suited for sellers with high shipping volumes or sellers with an omni-channel business.

With Shippo, you can print shipping labels for any eBay order. Buyer address information is pre-filled and tracking information gets uploaded to eBay automatically. Plus, you won’t pay any extra Shippo fees for labels printed for an eBay order.

Shippo’s label printing platform also offers you powerful features, including support for your own individual carrier accounts and the ability to print in bulk, all from your Shippo dashboard.

Full integration with eBay

Print, reprint, or void labels for your eBay orders at any time by going directly to Shippo, where all of your latest sold items are displayed in your Shippo dashboard. You can also access Shippo via a link in the top right corner of the page on eBay Labels. Print labels for items whether they were listed on in English, French, or even on

The shipping service your buyer selected and paid for is shown, and buyer information is pre-filled. If you included weight and dimensions with your listing, it’s pre-filled in the label purchase flow.

Integration with popular carts and platforms

Shippo integrates with a number of platforms, including:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • WooCommerce
  • GoDaddy
  • Weebly

Please note: When you use Shippo for your non-eBay sales, Shippo fees will apply.

More shipping carriers

Sellers with their own contract rates can add FedEx, UPS, or Purolator accounts to their Shippo dashboard, making it easier to select the right carrier for the job with just a click.

Domestic, US, and international shipments are supported, and Shippo makes it easy to complete your customs forms.

Manage labels individually, in bulk, or on mobile

Shipping more than one order? Similar to eBay Labels, in Shippo you can apply the same carrier and service to all selected orders at once. You can also edit individual orders within your bulk order as much or as little as you like. Apply different weights and dimensions, carriers, or services as needed.

Labels can be reprinted or voided directly from your Shippo dashboard. Refunds for voided labels are credited directly back to your Shippo account.

Get started using Shippo for the first time

Before you print your first label on Shippo, you’ll need to complete an easy step-by-step setup process:

  1. Go to
  2. Follow the instructions to create your Shippo account and connect with your eBay account.
  3. Create a new account or add your existing account for the carrier of your choice.
  4. Add your payment account.
  5. You’re ready to print your first label!

* Before you can print your first Shippo label, you’ll need to associate your Shippo account with a carrier account such as Canada Post, FedEx, or UPS.


Shippo is eBay Canada’s official third-party partner for shipping labels. Shippo offers a rich set of features for shippers, both through their website and their API. Their technology powers millions of packages per month, bound to over 190 countries. Shippo is best suited for large omni-channel sellers with high label volumes who wish to use their own individual carrier accounts.

No. Shippo is a web-based application that can be run from any computer or mobile device. You can also access one Shippo account from multiple locations to process shipments at the same time.

You can use Shippo to print shipping labels to anywhere that Canada Post ships to. If you have other carrier accounts, you can also connect them to Shippo and ship to anywhere they support. Shippo automatically generates the appropriate international paperwork you need, no matter what carrier you use.

Yes. Your Shippo dashboard will show all your recent eBay orders, regardless of the eBay site on which they were listed. So whether you list on,,,, or most any other international eBay site, you can print Canada Post labels for these orders directly from your Shippo dashboard.

You can also access Shippo’s USPS account to print US-outbound labels, or to provide a buyer with a shipping label for a return. A Shippo label fee would apply in this case.

Canada Post offers two different label formats, both supported by Shippo:

  • 4″ x 6″ PDF
  • 8.5″ x 11″ PDF

If you’re printing shipping labels for other carriers, such as FedEx, UPS, DHL Express, and/or Purolator, Shippo supports Zebra printer and DYMO printer formats as well.

You have the option to print shipping labels for your orders on eBay Labels in a few simple steps. If you wish to print labels with Shippo, then you'll need to create a unique account with Shippo that can be connected to your eBay account before you can print your first label.

You can connect multiple eBay accounts with each Shippo account. Creating a Shippo account is free.

For items sold on eBay, you only pay the cost of the shipping label itself. Once you’ve connected your Shippo account with your eBay account, eBay pays the Shippo fee for any label created from an eBay sold item.

If you decide to use Shippo to print labels for your non-eBay sales, Shippo fees will apply.

Yes. If you entered weights and dimensions with your listings, that information will be pre-filled for you in the label order form on Shippo.

As part of the one-time setup process, you’ll be directed to an eBay page that asks you to authorize Shippo to access your eBay information. Once you’ve done this, Shippo will use your eBay sold item information to populate your Shippo dashboard, and to pre-fill buyer and item details when you print a shipping label, and to upload your tracking information to eBay. To authorize Shippo to do this, you’ll be asked to sign in with your eBay credentials, on a secure page hosted by eBay.

Once you’ve completed the one-time setup process to create your Shippo account and grant it access to your eBay listing information, Shippo will be able to access the kind of information required to fill out your Shippo dashboard—such as item numbers, title, category, price and shipping service selected for items recently sold on eBay. Shippo will also be able to access the kind of information required to build a shipping label, such as buyer name and address, package dimensions or package weight.

Creating a Canada Post account allows you to have those shipments count towards your total Canada Post volume for rate consideration with respect to your non-eBay sales.

Adding your own Canada Post account makes it easier for Canada Post and Shippo to apply any adjustments needed for things such as under-declared or over-declared weights and dimensions.

As a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business customer, you’re eligible to use Canada Post Expedited Parcel services. By selecting Expedited Parcel, you’ll get a superior shipping service for your buyers at exactly the same price as Regular Parcel.

Yes. If you have a Canada Post Solutions for Small Business account, then you can associate it with your Shippo account, and you’ll always print your eBay labels at the lowest price.

Canada Post contract rates for large, high-volume shippers not supported at this time.

If you have your own carrier accounts with other shipping carriers, you may enter them directly on the Shippo dashboard to access your own negotiated rates. Shippo connects to a variety of carriers, including FedEx, UPS, Purolator, DHL Express, and other international carriers. To ship with FedEx, you will need to connect your own FedEx account.

If you wish, you can even print a label for USPS or a number of other international carriers using Shippo’s own account. This can be useful if, for example, you want to email a shipping label to a US buyer in order to facilitate a return. A Shippo label fee would apply in this case.

No. You can print labels in a few easy steps on eBay Labels. Shippo is primarily recommended for high volume sellers with an omni-channel business who intend to use their own carrier accounts to print labels. Once you register for a Shippo account and link it to your eBay account, you can either click on the “Go to Shippo” link at the top right corner of the eBay Labels page or by going directly to

You don’t have to go to eBay first to print your label. If you wish, you can manage the entire process of printing labels for your eBay sold items directly from your Shippo dashboard, without going to eBay at all.

You can learn more about Shippo on their website.

Shippo’s dedicated support team provides exclusive email support for Canadian eBay members.

Shippo support for eBay Canada members is available at

Adjustments for under-declared shipping may be charged back to your account.