Store subscriptions and benefits

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Whether you’re a business or a casual seller, we offer a Store subscription with the right tools and benefits to help you grow your sales.

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Your own online store

Showcase your brand and build customer loyalty with newsletters, coupons, and more.

More free listings

Get more zero insertion fee listings with an eBay Store and lower your upfront costs.

Lower final value fees

Save on final value fees compared to non-Store subscriber rates.

Which eBay Store option is right for me?

Answer two simple questions to find the Store subscription options that best fit your needs.

How many items do you plan to list each month?

1 - 500
501 - 10,000

Which description most closely matches your eBay selling?

I’m a casual or hobbyist seller.
I’m a new or smaller business, seeking insights and branding tools to help me grow.
I’m a larger, established business requiring dedicated customer support.

A few things to consider when choosing your eBay Store

How many free listings do you need?

Do the math to see if you need the allotted zero fee insertions—sometimes fewer free listings can actually save you money.

Have you checked your final value fees?

If you choose a Basic Store or above, fees go down.

What level of support do you want?

Anchor Stores have access to dedicated customer support by phone and email—wherever, whenever you need it.

Even more reasons to get an eBay Store

Marketing tools and support

  • Access exclusive eBay sales insights to help you decide what to sell, when to sell and how much to sell for
  • Easily manage your Store in Seller Hub

  • Choose your Store name and custom design your homepage

Perks to boost your profits

  • Get unlimited insertion fee credits for auction listings that end in a sale

  • Use your quarterly coupon for eBay-branded shipping supplies

Selling scenarios to help you choose

Explore the scenarios below to help you decide which eBay Store option will work for you.

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Antiques, Basic Store

Paolo lists about 1,100 items per month. He chose a Basic Store to get extra free monthly listings and unlock a discounted final value fee rate of 12.35% for antiques sales, compared to 13.25% without a Store. His Basic Store gets him 1,000 zero insertion fee listings each month, and it only costs him 20¢ per listing after that, or $20 a month at his current volume. If he upgraded to a Premium Store with 10,000 free listings per month, it would cost him $20 more. For Paolo, it made more sense to keep his Basic Store with the lower monthly fee.

A jeweler working at her desk.


Jewelry, Premium Store

Jasmine chose a Premium Store because she loves the freedom of having 10,000 free fixed-price listings per month, since she sells multiples of 100 different products. She also likes the $70 coupon per quarter for eBay-branded shipping supplies to give her customers a consistent, seamless shopping experience.

How difficult is it to change my eBay Store subscription?

How can I make changes to my eBay Store?

Not difficult at all. Simply go to My eBay and click on Account, then Subscriptions. From the Subscriptions page, click “Change level” to upgrade—or downgrade—your eBay Store. Your live listings will remain live on the site after changing your Store subscription level.

You can change your logo, Store name, categories, and more at any time by going to Manage My Store located in the left navigation column of My eBay.


See Store selling fees for a complete list of fee rates by category for each Store subscription level.

Simply visit your Subscription Management page and select “Change subscription” or “Cancel subscription” options.

Visit your Subscription Management page to view your current Store level and billing cycle.


Don’t see your question here? Visit the Help Centre for more detailed information on selling features and fees.