Promote your listings

Grow your business, drive more sales, and increase your visibility across eBay

What is Promoted listings?

Promoting your listings can help you drive sales by putting your listings in front of relevant buyers. With Promoted Listings, you have:

  • Access to ad placements that can attract more buyers and help drive sales
  • Flexible options and controls to match your business goals
  • A simple-to-use platform to create and manage your campaigns

Strategy types

When you promote your listings, there are two campaign strategies to choose from to fit your unique business needs:

  • The general strategy can increase the visibility and awareness of your listings with general access to ad placements so you can reach more buyers. You’ll only pay when your item sells through a click on your ad. 
  • The priority strategy helps your listings reach highly motivated buyers with priority access ad placements and advanced targeting controls. You’ll only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

Promoting your listings with a general strategy

Promoting your listings with a priority strategy

This cost-per-sale campaign strategy provides general access to ad placements with standard controls to help you reach more buyers.

  • Boost visibility. Reach more buyers with access to ad placements.
  • Only pay when you sell. You’re only charged when a buyer clicks on a promoted listing and purchases one of your promoted items.
  • Easy-to-use. Simple setup with recommendations to kickstart and streamline your campaign management.

This cost-per-click campaign strategy helps you reach highly-motivated buyers with priority access to ad placements and advanced controls to help you drive sales.

  • Access advanced controls. Unlock advanced targeting options to help convert clicks into sales.
  • Only pay for clicks. You’ll only pay for clicks on your promoted listings.
  • Grow your business. Reach motivated buyers with access to effective ad placements.

Best practices

  • Continuously track ad performance to identify top-performing campaigns and adjust your campaign strategies accordingly
  • Regularly update your campaigns to reflect the current market and consumer trends
  • Experiment with different campaign strategies to help identify the right advertising strategy for your listings that can increase your exposure and sales potential
  • Set a clear budget for your ad campaigns and regularly monitor your spending to identify opportunities to optimize your ad spend

Getting started

You can promote your listings from the Seller Hub on your Advertising dashboard. Here's how:

  1. Select Create new campaign
  2. Select Promote your listings from the ad type options.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your campaign and choose which campaign strategy you want to use:
When choosing a general strategy: When choosing a priority strategy:
  • Add listings to promote
  • Choose an ad rate strategy
  • Name your campaign
  • Set the campaign duration
  • Add listings to promote
  • Determine your targeting and bidding strategy
  • Set a daily budget
  • Name your campaign
  • Set the campaign duration

After reviewing your campaign details, you can then Launch your campaign.

Performance and reporting

You can easily access comprehensive reporting from all of your advertising campaigns on eBay. Our easy-to-use, centralized dashboard enables you to make data-driven decisions with real-time access to performance data, allowing you to quickly identify trends and apply optimizations to grow your business.

Learn more

Visit the eBay Help page to learn more about promoting your listings.