Going global

Expand your business and reach more buyers by offering your items beyond our borders.

Selling to international buyers

Selling your items to international buyers is one of the best ways to quickly expand your business. eBay enables you to sell to millions of buyers in over 190 countries around the world.  99% of Canadian small businesses on eBay export on average to 18 countries versus 5% of traditional Canadian small businesses. 

One of the most notable and important aspects of selling on eBay Canada in particular is access to the US market. When you list on eBay.ca and offer a shipping service to the United States, your item will automatically appear in search results on eBay.com, free of charge. Over half of sales on eBay.ca are to U.S. buyers—so it’s always in your best interest to include a U.S. shipping option.

Increase your global visibility

There are dozens of eBay sites across the globe. Regardless of which site you created your account on, you can log in to any eBay site and list an item, making it visible to the people shopping in that country.

eBay sites in other English-speaking countries—such as eBay US, eBay UK, eBay Ireland, and eBay Australia—are a good start. If you speak another language like French, or are willing to work with a translator, you should consider listing on other sites, as well.

Keep in mind that if you sell to countries outside  of Canada, you or your buyers may have to pay import charges. To learn more, please visit this page.  

Optimize your listings for a global audience

There are a few tips, tricks, and best practices to ensure your listings are relevant to global buyers:

  • Avoid using highly ‘regional’ terms to describe your product in the listing title. 
  • Ensure your products are compatible and legal in the marketplaces to which you’re shipping. 
  • Include important item specifics for global buyers, such as international sizing for apparel.
  • Share accurate, detailed photos that highlight any unique features or flaws in your item. 
  • Adjust your business policies by marketplace. You can offer different policies for shipping, returns and more, according to the country your buyer is located.