Fees & financials

We’re expanding the managed payments experience on eBay, and increasing monthly zero insertion fee listings.

What you need to know

  • We’re expanding managed payments to more sellers
  • More monthly zero insertion fee listings

Managed payments overview

Managed payments improves the buying and selling experience on eBay

Managed payments enhances the buying and selling experience on eBay. We’ve managed billions in payments for thousands of sellers since 2018, with more joining every day. eBay provides sellers with one place to sell and get paid, and buyers more ways to pay. Sellers who have been identified as using eBay features and tools that are compatible with managed payments will continue to be notified to join in phases.

When you receive a notification from us, we recommend you register before the deadline to avoid any interruption to your business.

Once you have registered, we will send you further details about how to prepare your business, and share more information about the change to managed payments, how it will benefit your business, and how to take full advantage of our simpler approach to payments. Nothing will change until eBay activates your account, and we will notify you of your activation date in advance. Advance registration allows you extra time to prepare your business, and for us to give you the best activation experience we can.

If you haven’t received a notification yet, there is no other action required at this time. We are notifying sellers whose current use of features and tools on eBay is compatible with managed payments.

What to expect when eBay manages payments:

  • More ways for buyers to pay: Credit, debit and gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayBright.
  • One place to sell and get paid, all on eBay: A single source for fees, customized reports, refunds, simplified protections, and dedicated support.
  • Streamlined operations: Payouts initiated to your bank within two business days, and deposited weekly or daily, as funds are available. See our video on payouts, here.
  • Simplified fees:
    • Once activated for managed payments, sellers will pay an updated final value fee, consisting of a category-based percentage of the total amount of the sale, plus a $0.30 fixed fee per order.
    • The final value fee will be automatically deducted from sales proceeds. Sellers will not pay third-party payment processing fees.
    • We will deduct expenses resulting from refunds, claims or disputes directly from your pending payouts. If your pending payouts are not sufficient to cover these amounts we will charge your payment method on file (debit or credit card, and/or linked bank account) within 14 days.

Register for managed payments

If you’ve received a notification to register for managed payments, you can register in a few simple steps:

  1. Verify your information
  2. Provide a chequing account - either existing or new
  3. Continue selling as usual

Register now

During the registration process you will need to add any chequing account for payouts - whether existing or new. Please ensure that the name, address, and business information (if applicable) on your chequing account matches the name and information on your eBay account.

After your registration is complete, you may receive a separate message to add or verify additional information. With some exceptions, if you choose to list on international eBay sites after your account is activated for managed payments, we may collect additional information from you at the time of registration and you will not be required to provide incremental data at a future time.

All of the information shared during and after registration allows us to send your payouts and comply with global regulations, which helps keep eBay a trusted marketplace. Our data security procedures ensure that the information you share with us is safe. Learn more in our Security Centre on Seller Centre.

As a reminder, your listings and item descriptions should not include any information on supported or preferred payment options.

By 2021, eBay will manage payments for a majority of its marketplace sellers. Please make sure you have signed up for emails from eBay. Watch a brief video on registering for managed payments here, or learn more on Help Hub. If you still have questions, you can request a call from one of our Payments team members there.

International sales capabilities

When you create a listing on your domestic eBay site and choose to ship internationally, your listings will continue to surface on the relevant international eBay sites if supported. If desired, you can choose to not ship to selected countries.

Managed payments FAQs

Information about fees charged to managed payments sellers may be found here. eBay charges one updated final value fee when your item sells. The final value fee consists of a category-based percentage of the total amount of the sale, plus a fixed fee per order, with no third-party payments processing fees.

Your final value fee will be automatically deducted from your sales proceeds, and the rest paid out to your bank account. In general, the variable portion of the final value fee is returned to you in the event of a refund or cancellation, and we retain only the per order fee. You will receive a simpler invoice, and having all your fees in one place helps make your reconciliation easier. Most sellers can expect to see overall savings.* Learn more on our fees page here, and watch our short video here.

*Savings are based on annual total sales volumes, and comparisons of (a) prior eBay final value fees plus typical 3rd party payment provider fees, with (b) new eBay final value fees (without any 3rd party processing fees).

We aim to add full category support to managed payments progressively through 2021.

eBay sellers that frequently list in restricted categories will not be required to register for managed payments until these categories are compatible. We will continue to support sellers through the expansion of managed payments.

As a managed payments seller, you only need to work with eBay for support and service on claims, refunds, and returns. You’ll have the ability to make comprehensive seller-initiated refunds for full or partial amounts, by item or on the full order, on eBay or via a third-party platform.

eBay will offer buyers the option to submit claims through the eBay Resolution Centre for most situations. Buyers can request refunds by canceling an order, making a return or using the eBay Money Back guarantee. They may also choose to directly file disputes with the financial institution.

You will have access to all refund requests via eBay Resolution Centre. By centralizing resolutions, you’ll have greater visibility into claims and disputes, and be able to manage them more effectively. For the majority of claims, returns, and refunds, eBay will continue to follow existing policies, and refunds will be returned to the original payment method the buyer used at time of purchase.

For your convenience, the costs of refunds will be deducted from your pending payouts. If these are not sufficient, we will use your linked bank account, followed by credit card, to cover the balance of any owed amounts. Learn more about handling payments disputes and protections here. If you are eligible or active on managed payments, you can find more information about claims, refunds, and returns after you log into the Help Hub.

If a seller does not have enough funds in their Available for payout, or Pending Funds to cover the full amount of a refund, we will charge the seller’s payout bank account or automatic payment method, depending on preference, to cover the remaining amount.

If you use GoDaddy for bookkeeping, you can sync your managed payments reports with GoDaddy bookkeeping services. If you use QuickBooks Online, Xero, or Sage Business Accounting, you can sync your reports via OneSaas, an integration platform. Learn more about OneSaas, here.

No. Once you register, nothing will change until eBay activates your account. When eBay activates your account for managed payments, all of your existing listings* and buyer feedback will be automatically updated and will reflect the different ways buyers can pay. *Any listings that violate our listing policies or are in restricted categories not supported by managed payments will be automatically ended upon activation.

We’re increasing monthly zero insertion fee listings for most sellers

Free listings promotions that we announced in spring 2020 were enthusiastically received by eBay sellers and proved to be a powerful and effective selling tool in the challenging COVID-19 environment. To help you keep the positive momentum going, we’re increasing the number of monthly zero insertion fee listings we provide. The number of monthly zero insertion fee listings you receive is determined by your eBay Store subscription level.