Updates to how you ship

An intuitive experience for printing and purchasing labels on eBay.

What you need to know

  • New eBay Canada shipping labels solution
  • New notification of missing item location postal codes

New eBay Canada Label Solution

New eBay Canada Label Solution

This Spring, printing labels on eBay will become easier. We're introducing a new first-party label printing tool that will help you easily manage your label needs on eBay without having to create any new accounts.

The new tool will provide you with convenience and efficiency by automatically pre-populating all required information to print a label (such as buyer address and contact information). It will also automatically provide the tracking number to eBay so your buyers can stay informed with the progress of their shipments.

How to use eBay Labels

  1. After you sell an item, go to the Sold section in My eBay or Seller Hub, find the item, and click “Print Shipping Label”. You will be taken to the new eBay label printing tool.
  2. Enter the weight and dimensions.
  3. Select a shipping service.
  4. Click “Print Shipping Label”.
  5. Place the label on your package.

Need shipping supplies? You can order eBay branded shipping supplies, including boxes and envelopes.

New eBay Canada Label Solution FAQs

The new label solution is intended to simplify the shipping label experience for the Canadian sellers by providing a first-party solution to manage all their selling needs within the eBay ecosystem.

Yes. Shippo will remain as eBay Canada’s official third-party shipping label solution. You will have the option to continue using Shippo to print labels or use the new eBay solution.

To start, you can print labels for Canada Post on eBay. In the future, more carriers will become available on this tool.

Yes. You will have the option to print labels individually, or in bulk.

No. When using the eBay labels solution, you currently cannot use your individual carrier accounts.

Yes. You have up to 14 days from the time you printed a label to void it and get a refund. The cost of the label will be reflected on your monthly invoice. To void a label:

1. Go to My eBay and click Shipping Labels under ‘Sell’.
2. In the Actions column click ‘Void label’.
3. Follow the instructions on the ‘Void your shipping label’ page.

Instead of paying for labels individually at the time of purchase, you will see all your label charges and adjustments as well as cancellation credits on your monthly eBay invoice. You will only see transactions within the invoice period.

Yes. If your label printed incorrectly, you can reprint it for free.

We’ll let you know when your listings are missing item location postal Codes

Item location postal code plays a critical role in search visibility and sales conversion. It’s used in location filters to help a buyer understand where the inventory is located and make a purchase decision, to provide a more accurate estimated delivery date (EDD), and to formulate best match ranking. If your listings are missing item location postal codes, you can proactively update them in Seller Hub under Item Location Postal Code from the Listings tab, or you will be prompted under the Active Listings tab to provide the missing Postal codes. We update postal codes daily.