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  • We’re updating to a more accurate way of counting listing page views

Listing page views overview

We’re updating how we count listing page views and adding new listing-level traffic history

Having the right data at your fingertips is key to getting your listings to perform at their best. To give you clearer insight into your listings’ performance, we’re changing to a more accurate way of counting page views, and updating how we display traffic data on your listings.

  • We’re updating how we count listing page views to more accurately capture views by potential buyers.
  • To give you cleaner performance data, we’ll now show a 30-day rolling count of listing views instead of a lifetime count.
  • You’ll still be able to access data for the past 2 years in a new listing traffic history report.

More accurate listing view counts

We want you to have listing traffic data that shows as accurately as possible how many buyers have seen your listings. That’s why, in late April 2022, we’ll be updating how we count and report listing page views.

The current page view numbers on your listings count various types of traffic, including a significant amount of non-human traffic—one example is programs called “bots” that scan websites and now account for approximately 40% of internet traffic.* Learn more about non-human traffic and bots in the Listing Page Views FAQs tab.

Although this non-human traffic is currently counted as a “page view,” it doesn’t represent real shoppers or lead to sales, and recent analysis has shown how much it inflates your page view numbers.

As part of eBay’s continual efforts to bring you better data to run your business, we’re updating to a new way of counting page views that will better filter out non-human traffic and more accurately show views by potential buyers.

While the amount of non-human traffic on the internet is considerable, it also varies across categories and products. As a result, while most sellers will see a significant drop in page view numbers, the impact of filtering out more non-human traffic may vary. Importantly, the actual traffic from potential buyers to listings isn’t changing. We’re just updating what types of traffic we count as page views to more accurately show views by potential buyers.

Page view counts based on this approach have been available in the Seller Hub Traffic Report and Promoted Listings reports for some time. The changes outlined above will increase the consistency of how page views are counted and displayed across eBay.

*Statista, Global share of human and bot web traffic 2019-2020.

Lifetime views are switching to a 30-day rolling view count

Your listings currently display lifetime views, which leaves out important information about recent performance trends. Starting soon, we’ll be adjusting your page views to show a rolling 30-day count. We’re also adding a new listing traffic history report, where you can access page view data for the previous 2 years.

This updated 30-day view count makes it easier to see trends as they’re happening and adjust your listings to perform at their best.

A new listing traffic history report

30-day rolling data makes it easier to spot trends and optimize listings. However, we know some sellers prefer to have data that spans a longer period, so a new listing traffic history report will show the past 2 years of view counts for each listing.

The new report will show a breakdown of views, including trends over time, for each individual listing. You’ll be able to filter for page views over various timeframes, from the past 24 hours up to the past 2 years. You can see an example of the new listing traffic history report in the screenshot below.

Traffic history chart

Starting soon, you’ll be able to access this new report by clicking the page view numbers on your Active Listings page.

Next steps

You don’t need to take any action. In late April, we’ll start rolling out the new way of counting page views. When your listings are ready to be updated to the new page view counts, you’ll see notifications on your Active and Unsold listings pages.

Listing page views FAQs

We believe that this change will arm you with the best data possible to evaluate and optimize your listings’ performance. With more non-human traffic filtered out of your listing view counts, you’ll be left with a clearer picture of views from real people that have the potential to convert to sales.

Non-human traffic refers to any traffic that doesn’t come from real people viewing your listing pages, including traffic from “bots.”

Bot traffic exists across the internet, and occurs when a page is viewed by a machine instead of a real person. Because bot traffic doesn’t benefit sellers or lead to sales, we aim to filter out as much of it as possible from your listing page views.

There’s no change to the number of buyers on eBay, or the number of buyers visiting your listings. The change you’ll see in your page view numbers is a result of a new way of counting views that filters out more non-human traffic.

No. Listings’ view counts are never used in the calculation of any fees, including Promoted Listings fees and ad rates.

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