2022 Winter Seller Update

We’re committed to building a world-class marketplace that empowers you to achieve your business goals.

In our 2022 Winter Seller Update, we’re continuing our work to create a more vibrant marketplace. We’re giving you free access to features that were previously only available to Selling Manager Pro subscribers. In addition, when you proactively work with your buyer and issue a partial refund we’ll automatically prorate your final value fees, and we’re introducing a host of Promoted Listings improvements to help you build your business velocity.

To encourage good buyer experiences and improve trust for sellers on the platform, we will increase final value fees for sellers who do not meet minimum seller performance standards for Canada.

These are just a few of the highlights in our 2022 Winter Seller Update. Read about all the changes below, including final value fee and Subtitle listing upgrade fee changes.

Running your business

  • Evolving how we encourage buyers to leave feedback and increasing visibility for your brand
  • Prorated final value fee credit for partial refunds
  • 100% final value fee credit, including the per-order fee, when you approve buyers’ cancellation requests
  • Sellers who do not meet minimum performance standards will pay a higher additional final value fee
  • New messaging experience

Listing & promoting

  • Updates to Promoted Listings Standard
  • Promoted Listings Express expansion
  • Selling Manager Pro features are now available free of charge

Fees & financials

  • Final value fee change across categories
  • Subtitle listing upgrade fee change for fixed price and auction listings

Seller Updates at a glance

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