Updates to how you promote your inventory

Send more “Offers to buyers” with greater ease, and updates to drive higher conversion.

What you need to know

  • New “Offer to buyers” enhancements
  • Dynamic listings mix to give buyers relevant search experiences

New “Offer to buyers” enhancements

The “Offers to buyers” feature in Seller Hub enables you to target buyers who show interest in your product but haven’t yet completed their transactions. Around 30% more watchers turn into buyers when they receive an offer from a seller. Last Fall, we announced that you could reach up to 10 buyers per offer. Now you can reach up to 40 buyers per offer.*

*Data surveyed June through December 2019.

Lower minimum discounts for “Offers to buyers”

Currently, the minimum discount you can offer your potential buyers is 5%. We’re reducing the minimum discount for items between $300 to $1000 to 3%. For items over $1000, we’re reducing the minimum discount to 1%. You can see the discounts on your high-priced items in your Send Offer window. The discount will change according to the item price so you’ll still be able to offer significant discounts for your high-value items

You’ll also be able to quickly filter for listings that are eligible for “Offers to buyers” on your mobile device, an option previously only available on desktop.

How you can see your eligible listings:

  • Task list
  • Quick filter example:

Quick filter

  • Highlight listings in Seller Hub

Dynamic listings mix to give buyers relevant search experiences

Our search experience continuously evolves to ensure that buyers are shown the most relevant items. Late last year, we shifted to a dynamic mix of promoted and organic listings at the top of search results and we are expanding that approach to more placements. Rather than using a fixed structure for promoted listings placements, we are allowing either organic or promoted listings to be shown in search results based on their relevance to buyers’ search terms. To determine rankings, we take a variety of factors into account, including relevance to buyers’ searches, listing quality, and ad rates. For example, we may display your organic listing if it meets those criteria, unless your promoted listing ranks higher in search based on the ad rate that you set. Promoted listings will continue to appear outside search on pages such as product pages and other prominent locations on eBay.