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Improve your business efficiency with updates to the unpaid item process, a centralized way to manage post-sale issues, and the ability to offer partial refunds on auto-accepted returns.

What you need to know

  • Cancel unpaid transactions faster with a new cancel function
  • Manage post-sale requests and cases in Seller Hub
  • Offer partial refunds even on auto-accepted returns if eBay manages your payments

Cancel Unpaid Items Overview

New cancel function for unpaid items

Starting in April 2021, we’ll begin introducing a new cancel function for unpaid items. You’ll no longer have to file unpaid item claims or send payment reminders. Instead, we’ll proactively remind buyers if they have a payment due, and you’ll be able to manually or automatically cancel an order if the buyer hasn’t paid after 4 calendar days.

A quicker, more streamlined way to handle unpaid items

We’re introducing this new function to help you resolve unpaid item cases quicker and with less work.

  • We’ll proactively remind buyers to pay once they commit to purchasing an item.
  • If a buyer hasn’t paid after 4 calendar days, you can cancel the transaction.
  • You can choose to have eBay automatically relist the item when you cancel the transaction.
  • You’ll be able to set up automatic cancellations for non-payment in your “Preferences for items awaiting payment.”
  • If you cancel an order because the buyer hasn’t paid, we’ll block that buyer’s ability to leave feedback and, if they’ve already left feedback, we’ll remove it.

How to use the new cancel function

There is no action required from you to take advantage of this new function. If a buyer hasn’t paid after 4 calendar days, we’ll prompt you to cancel the transaction using the “Buyer hasn't paid” reason in Seller Hub or My eBay Sold.

If you attempt to file an unpaid item case in the Resolution Centre after this update takes effect, you’ll automatically be redirected to Seller Hub to cancel the transaction directly using the “Buyer hasn't paid” reason.

Cancel Unpaid Items FAQs

You can cancel a transaction up to 30 days after the buyer commits to buy.

Applicable fees may be credited, in accordance with our fee credit policy, if you cancel the order because the buyer hasn’t paid.

Yes. Items can be relisted after cancellation. In some cases, eBay may automatically relist the item for you.

Formerly known as Unpaid Item Assistant, “Preferences for items awaiting payment” can be customized to automatically cancel purchases where buyers haven’t paid.

If you would like to handle unpaid items manually, you can do so by changing your “Preferences for items awaiting payment” at any time. You can also manage unpaid items at the buyer level through “block buyer” preferences.

Each cancellation with a “Buyer hasn't paid” reason will be recorded against that buyer. You can stop purchases from buyers with more than two unpaid item cancellations using your “Buyer management” preferences. Buyers with excessive cancellations for “Buyer hasn't paid” reason may be suspended for abusive buying practices.

Post-Sale Issues Overview

Manage all your post-sale requests and cases in Seller Hub and My eBay Sold

Starting in late April 2021, we’ll begin allowing sellers to manage post-sale requests and cases from one centralized location in Seller Hub and My eBay Sold.

With this update, you’ll be able to view and manage all returns, “item not received” requests, cancellations, payment disputes, and eBay Money Back Guarantee claims from Seller Hub or My eBay, and will no longer have to take the extra step to go to the Resolution Centre.

There is no action required from you to take advantage of these improvements.

Post-sale issues FAQs

Your requests and cases can be found under the Orders tab in Seller Hub, and in My eBay Sold.

You’ll be able to view and manage all returns, “Item not received” requests, cancellations, payment disputes, and eBay Money Back Guarantee claims.

Most of your recent cases and claims will be visible in Seller Hub and My eBay. Older cases and claims may no longer be available.

Partial Refunds Offers Overview

New partial refund option on auto-accepted returns

Beginning spring 2021, we’re giving sellers whose payments are managed by eBay more flexibility to handle return requests by allowing you to offer partial refunds on automatically-accepted returns. This can help you save money on shipping if you don’t want an item sent back to you.

In most cases, when buyers open a return request in line with your return policies we automatically accept the return. That won’t change, but starting in spring, you’ll have the option to offer a partial refund on these returns.

When the partial refund option becomes available, you’ll see a new button in the Return flows titled Refund Options. This will take you to a page where you can choose to offer a partial or full refund. Note that once the buyer ships the item, you won’t be able to offer a partial refund using the new Refund Options button.

Once the buyer accepts your offer, the return request will close. You should not expect the item back if your buyer accepts a partial refund offer.

Partial Refund Offers FAQs

Yes. After automatically accepting a return, we immediately provide a return label for the buyer and they can send it back to you. You can offer a partial refund using the new Refund Options button up until the point we see that the buyer has sent the item.

Yes. This update will not affect the ability of eligible sellers to issue a partial refund if an item is returned to the seller in a different condition than the original. Learn more about refunding the buyer.

More eBay Stores updates will be announced soon

Later this year, we’ll announce eBay Store optimization features for mobile and desktop to help Store subscribers target and engage with buyers, and drive repeat purchases. Updates will include:

  • A modern storefront with more merchandising options and improved Store Search
  • Simplified eBay Store management in Seller Hub
  • An improved newsletter feature you can use to send targeted communications to your buyers

We’re building a world-class platform that empowers you to achieve your business goals today, and in the years ahead. We’ll continue to partner with you to build the game-changing tools, features, and technologies you’ll need to move your business forward today, and into the future. We look forward to sharing exciting new enhancements with you throughout the year.

eBay Labels

eBay Labels in Canada

In the 2020 Spring Seller Update, we announced the imminent launch of a new first-party label solution on Faced with many unforeseen challenges, we made the hard decision to delay this launch to make additional enhancements so that we could offer the best experience to Canadian sellers. Now, we’re happy to announce that the new eBay Labels will be available this spring.

eBay Labels will help you easily manage your label needs without having to create any new accounts. This new solution will provide you with convenience and efficiency by automatically pre-populating all required information to print a label (such as buyer address and contact information). It will also automatically provide the tracking number to eBay so your buyers can stay informed with the progress of their shipments.

Learn more about eBay Labels.

How to use eBay Labels

After you sell an item, go to the Sold section in My eBay. If you use Seller Hub, go to “Awaiting shipment” under the Orders tab. Then:

  1. Find the item, and click “Print shipping label”
  2. Select a shipping service
  3. Review the order details and click “Purchase Shipping Label”
  4. Print and place the label on your package

For more detailed instructions on how to print a shipping label or void an unused label, visit Help Hub.

If you have any questions or feedback about eBay Labels, feel free to contact

eBay Labels FAQ

eBay Labels is intended to simplify the label printing experience by providing an on-platform solution to manage all your selling needs within the eBay ecosystem.

Yes. Shippo remains as eBay Canada’s official third-party shipping label solution. You have the option to continue using Shippo or use eBay Labels. You can access Shippo by clicking “Go to Shippo” at the top right corner of the page on eBay Labels; or go directly to

To start, you can print labels for Canada Post. In the future, more carriers will become available on eBay Labels.

Yes. You will have the option to print labels individually, or in bulk.

No. Currently, you are not able to use your own individual carrier accounts on eBay Labels.

Yes. You have up to 14 days from the time you printed a label to void an unused label and get a refund. The cost of the label will be reflected on your monthly invoice.

Instead of paying for labels individually at the time of purchase, you will see all your label charges and adjustments as well as cancellation credits on your monthly eBay invoice. You will only see transactions within the invoice period. If you are activated on Managed Payments, your label costs will be netted from your sales proceeds.

No. Currently you can print labels on desktop or in a mobile browser, not on the eBay mobile app.

New Seller guidance in the Seller Hub Research tab

We’ve added new research features to help make it even easier for eBay Store subscribers to sell on eBay. New Terapeak Sourcing Insights can help you identify the best categories to sell in and determine the best products to sell in those categories before you source your inventory.

Performance tab updates in Seller Hub

The Performance Tab in Seller Hub is a great tool to help eBay Store subscribers analyze your business performance. Download the Listing Quality Report in the Performance tab for detailed listing and category-level recommendations for optimizing your listings. Use them to help boost listing views and sales, and see where you rank against your eBay competitors. The updated Traffic Report allows you to see your relative search performance through a breakdown of search metrics and impressions.

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