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We're expanding and enhancing our tools to help your business grow.

What you need to know

  • Attract buyers to your Store with merchandising strategies
  • Elevate your brand and increase your visibility with updated Stores features

Increase traffic to your Store with new features

Attract buyers to your Store with merchandising strategies

Showcasing new inventory is a great way to attract a buyer’s attention. These features help you reach more customers, drive repeat sales, and establish a loyal customer base.

Gain more interest by emailing newsletters to buyer groups

Draw attention to your top-selling listings by creating customized newsletters and buyer groups using the tools on Seller Hub. Here’s how:

  • Send templated newsletters to reach beyond your subscribers and engage targeted buyer groups, such as buyers who’ve bought from you in the last 30 to 180 days
  • Showcase your inventory with a newsletter

Activate your inventory strips to attract more buyers 

Create inventory strips to showcase your new or seasonal items. You can add items manually or automatically to draw buyers’ attention to your bestsellers, new inventory, or listings that are ending soon. Merchandising strategies show that buyers are 25% more likely to view highlighted listings*. 

* eBay data, Global, April 2022

Learn how your newsletters are performing with new reports 

New reporting capabilities let you see how many buyers have opened and clicked on an item on your newsletter. You can also see how many total buyers you’ve reached and the total sales you made 30 days after a buyer clicks on a product link. These are great ways to understand how many of your buyers are engaging with your newsletters, and with your Store.

Seller hub store tab

Promote your products across social channels

Social media is a great way to introduce your followers to new inventory or promotions, grow your brand, and attract new buyers. It’s also an easy way to highlight your inventory and drive traffic to your Store, items, or categories. 

Now, when you share from anywhere across eBay, you’ll have the same updated list of social channels to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We’ve also added new channels like Instagram and Snapchat, where you can share customizable stickers to your Instagram stories, posts, and Snap stories straight from the eBay app. Sellers who use social media and email to connect with their buyers attract repeat business and see a 38% increase of views to their Storefront*.

* eBay data, Global, June 2022

Elevate your brand

Improve your imagery, create categories, and add your logo to build your brand and increase your visibility across eBay. Stores that use branding strategies see a 4% growth overall*. Use the available features to get more eyes on your storefront. 

  • Design a professional look using the image editing tools available when editing your Store and get noticed by more buyers
  • Customize your inventory using the featured listings tool and create categories that will get the most attention
  • Add a logo that makes you stand apart from the rest—new rounded logos will be automatically used for all Store subscribers

* eBay data, US, October 2021

Get more visibility for your Store 

Getting your Store seen by buyers is important, so we’ve added more ways buyers can find and save your Store across eBay. Here’s what we've done so far.

Searching Stores is easier with new ways to appear on eBay

  • If a buyer searches for your Store using the eBay search bar, a link appears pointing them right to your Storefront

Optimize your Store’s visibility to increase buyers’ interest

Buyers can now see Store names on listing pages to easily find your storefront. We’ve also added new features on Store pages to help buyers navigate through listings easily.

  • Listing pages now show your Store name and branding in place of your profile logo and username, and your Store logo can appear in more places too
  • Listing pages have a new Store category module with up to 9 categories and a ‘“See all” button for buyers to explore more
  • Your Store details and branding are now featured more prominently on your Seller Profile page and buyers can save your Store as a favorite
  • A redesigned category listing navigation has been added to your Storefront giving buyers an easy, at-a-glance way to explore your Store categories
  • Desktop users can see a new seller module allowing buyers to view your Store’s logo, name, and popular categories when viewing one of your listings

Next steps

Start using these Store features to help you elevate your brand and grow your business. If you haven’t finished customizing your Storefront here’s what you should try: 

  • Upload a logo and banner that reflects your unique brand making it easier for buyers to find your Store and can increase your visibility on eBay
  • Send newsletters to your buyer groups using customized templates
  • Use the reporting capabilities to see how many buyers are responding to your newsletter’s inventory and promotions
  • Share your listings on social media to get your brand noticed by more buyers

Customize your Store

Stores FAQ

Setting up a newsletter is easy with the templates available to you. Check out how to design your newsletter and more helpful tips.

Use the metrics available to see which inventory is getting the least views and modify the content on your newsletter. You can setup buyer groups based on your buyers' previous purchases to gain interest in new inventory. 

Yes, but you’d only want to do that if conversion isn’t good. You can find out more about setting up features listing and categories on the Help page.

Creating buyer groups takes a few minutes with easy-to-follow instructions on Seller Hub. For more information on buyer groups read more here.

It’s easy for buyers to subscribe by clicking the “Save Seller” heart icon on the listing page or on your Store’s page.

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