Selling tools update

Expanded access to Promoted Listings, Seller Hub enhancements, Best Offer and “Offer to buyers” updates.

What you need to know

  • Promoted Listings is now available to non-Store subscribers
  • Best Offer and “Offer to buyers” enhancements
  • Terapeak Research: Free for all Canadian Store Subscribers

Promoted Listings and Seller Hub overview

Expanded access to Promoted Listings plus new Seller Hub enhancements

Promoted Listings is now available to all sellers in good standing, even if you don’t have an eBay Store subscription. In addition, you can now create Promoted Listings campaigns quickly and easily on the Active listings page in Seller Hub, and monitor which items have sold via Promoted Listings on your Orders page. Promoted Listings can help boost your listings visibility on eBay and may help improve chances of conversion.

In addition, it’s faster and easier to promote listings when you “sell similar” or relist items that you previously promoted. Now your previous Promoted Listings settings will automatically apply when you “sell similar” or relist items, reducing steps and saving time.

You select your Promoted Listings ad rate and pay only when your item sells

A Promoted Listings fee is charged based on the ad rate you choose, which is a percentage of your item’s final sale price (excluding shipping and taxes). The fee is only charged when a buyer clicks on a promoted listing and purchases the item within 30 days of that click. Our guidance tools remove the guesswork by suggesting items to promote and at what cost. Detailed campaign metrics and sales reports are available to help you monitor and fine tune your Promoted Listings campaigns.

Promoted Listings and Seller Hub FAQs

With Promoted Listings, you choose ad rates that you are comfortable paying when your items sell. We do not charge a flat fee for Promoted Listings. We do offer trending ad rate guidance, which is based on average ad rates set by sellers, for similar promoted items. Trending ad rates may increase and decrease over time depending on selections that sellers make.

You can access Promoted Listings several ways:

  • When you list, you will see a “Sell it Faster” option in the listing flow that allows you to promote your items.
  • On the Active Listings page in Seller Hub, you can see which of your listings are already promoted or eligible for Promoted Listings.
  • You can also go to the Promoted Listings campaign manager and set up a campaign in 3 easy steps.

All sellers who are not below standard are in good standing. Learn more about eBay performance standards.

Best Offer and “Offer to buyers” Seller Hub overview

Best Offer and “Offer to buyers" enhancements in Seller Hub

Starting in late May 2019, we're making several improvements to Seller Hub to help you take advantage of these features.

New Best Offer and “Offer to buyers” features include:

  • Edit Best Offer in bulk. Apply Best Offer to multiple listings at one time in Seller Hub. When you enable Best Offer in bulk, you’ll also be able to set auto-accept and auto-decline thresholds. The auto-accept and auto-decline price you set using the bulk function will not change when you change the price.
  • Best Offer filter. Filter listings eligible for Best Offer on your Active Listings page in Seller Hub.
  • “Offer to buyers” filter. Filter listings eligible for “Offer to buyers” on your Active Listings page in Seller Hub.
  • Bulk “Offer to buyers.” Apply “Offer to buyers” to eligible listings in bulk on your Active Listings page in Seller Hub.

Best Offer and “Offer to buyers” Seller Hub FAQs

No. Currently, you can filter by Promoted Listings or Best Offer, but not a combination of those features.

Best Offer allows buyers and sellers to negotiate the final selling price and our immediate payment infrastructure cannot currently be utilized for Best Offer until negotiations have been completed. We are actively working to extend immediate payment to Best Offer.

Yes. All Seller Hub users will be able to edit in bulk with the new Best Offer feature.

You can bulk-edit Best Offer for up to 200 listings at a time and make the following selections:

  1. Enable Best Offer
  2. Optionally edit/enable an auto-accept price (the threshold price you choose for accepting an offer)
  3. Optionally edit/enable an auto-decline price (the threshold price you choose for declining an offer)

No. The bulk-edit Best Offer feature is currently only available in the desktop version of Seller Hub.

You can see the listings you have applied Best Offer to with a “Best Offer added” filter on your Active Listings page in Seller Hub. In addition, each listing shows whether Best Offer has been added in the Current Price column.

Yes. You can filter listings for which offers have and have not been sent. “Offer sent” will appear next to your listing on Seller Hub when you send an offer.

All buyers who are watching listings will receive offers to buyers unless they have opted out of receiving such communications from eBay sellers.

For a single listing, you can only send an offer to an interested buyer once. We limit the number of offers you can send to ensure that buyers aren’t inundated with multiple offers if they did not express interest in your first offer. If you have new watchers after you sent an offer, you may send a new offer to those buyers. You are required to wait 48 hours for the first offer to expire before you can send the second offer.

Yes. If you end a listing and relist it or “sell similar,” you will be able to send an offer to new watchers of that listing who have opted in to receiving communications related to items that they are interested in.

No. Currently the feature is available only on fixed price Buy It Now listings.

Terapeak Research becomes free for Store subscribers

Terapeak Research is an eBay insights tool that uses supply, demand, and pricing data to help you determine what to sell, when to sell it, and at what price. Terapeak Research will be free to Basic, Premium and Anchor Store subscribers on In late Q2 2019, eligible sellers will begin receiving email invitations to use the tool for free. Non-Store sellers on can gain access to Terapeak Research by acquiring a Store subscription. You can also subscribe to Terapeak Research on (instead of your regional eBay domain) on a monthly or yearly basis.

Terapeak Research uses recent eBay sales data and price trends to help you optimize your listings and improve your sales velocity.